About Us

About Us
Who We Are

Simply put, we are just a bunch of young disruptors who believe that the future of Eswatini’s economy lies in the hands of the amazing talents of young entrepreneurs and emerging startups in the country. We want to harness and network this talent, we want to create a platform for young entrepreneurs to hook up, share experiences, collaborate, co-create and innovate together. We want to support grooming, incubation and acceleration of the exciting entrepreneurial ventures in the kingdom. Come and join us! Come and be a part of this exciting wave!

What We Do
Of course we are creative and we are disruptive! Our platform is largely online, but we will have events and hook-ups in physical spaces around town and across the country. So, through our blended approach, we intend to provide a much-needed platform that supports the birthing, survival and , growth and maturity of young people’s start-up ventures in Eswatini. we wish to create nests for freelancers, sole trader and micro- enterprise startup-ups to hook up, connect and collaborate – in essence creating a start-up ecosystem supporting entrepreneurial growth as young people co-create and inspire each other.

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